Subs 2023/24

Dear Members,

As you will be aware, over the past 12 months we have been running to stand still. With energy prices and cost of living increases eating into our cash reserves it meant we had to increase court prices mid season. It is an unfortunate fact that, like most businesses, we are always slightly behind the curve in putting prices up to cover extra costs but eventually few options remain.

At the end of last month the Executive met to set the subscriptions and review court charges for 2023/2024. We were very aware that 6 months ago it was necessary to increase court fees so it was decided to leave these alone for the time being. We hope this decision means members continue to book courts and enjoy our facilities.

Annual subscriptions will however rise by approximately 8% across the board. This is of course slightly below the inflation figures and it was decided that ALL sections should have the same increase as we all have to share the extra costs we face. Bar prices will also be increased from the 01/04/23 to catch up on the increases we have received from the breweries and the government mandatory wage increases.

HERE is the new subscription list for all sections of the club.

As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) we do run a scheme where part of your subscriptions are declared as a donation on which we receive tax relief, this helps keep subscriptions low. There is no cost to members but we do need to ensure that you agree to this and please find a copy of the form HERE also attached is a form for your completion and return to the office.  

The Executive Committee receives monthly financial updates and we will continue to scrutinise these and react appropriately. With nights getting lighter and the winter only dome due to come down at the end of April energy costs will reduce and we look forward to a more stable period.

We hope you renew and enjoy our facilities for the coming 12 months.


Executive Committee