Padel Tournament 25th March 2023

Thanks go out once again to Jerry Arnull for another successful player cup tournament!

The tournament comprised of 2 leagues

Group A                                                                                      Group B

Chris and Diego                                                                          Simon and Tom

Jerry and Michael                                                                       Farran and Jim 

Jacek and Smithy                                                                       Vas and Russell

Greg and Jay                                                                              Zack and Ricky

12.00pm -4.00pm

League games 1 set

Play everyone in own league

First- Jerry and Michael                                                            First- Simon and Tom

Second- Jacek and Smithy                                                       Second- Vas and Russell

Third- Chris and Diego                                                              Third- Jim and Farran

Fourth- Greg and Jay                                                                Fourth – Zack and Ricky

4th position vs 4th – Greg and Jay beat Zack and Ricky. 6-6, 10-6 in championship tie break

3rd vs 3rd – Chris and Diego beat Jim and Farran. 6-3

2nd vs 2nd – Jacek and Smithy beat Vas and Russell. 7-6, 6-4

1st vs 1st – Jerry and Michael beat Tom and Simon. 6-2, 5-7, 10-8 championship tie break

A great day had by all. Rain just about held off. Lots of new players entered this time which was great to see.