Padel Tennis

Hazelwood were one of the pioneers of Padel tennis in the UK opening the first Padel court in 2015 and due to its success a second was built and opened fully after the Covid pandemic.

Padel is a game that has only recently come to the UK with people returning from holidays in mainly Spain and Portugal, where this game is extremely popular, wishing to continue the enjoyment they had playing in the sun.

A cross between Tennis and Squash this game is played in a rectangular ‘box’ meaning the balls are never too far away! Rules are easy to follow and it is usually played as doubles although singles is possible.

It s popularity means that we have club nights on both Monday and Thursday with ‘whats app” groups set up to book your place or go on the reserve list if it is full.

Internal Club tournaments and external tournament are held regularly with members joining in the fun.


To be purely a ‘Padel’ member the annual subscription is £150 per year. Courts have to be paid for and booked on the online booking system. The peak price is £24.00 per hour which is after 4pm weekdays and all times during the weekend. Off peak £14.00/hour.

Pay and Play (PAYG)

Did you know you don’t need to have a membership to enjoy Hazelwood’s facilities?

If you are not looking to commit or even to just try before you buy, sign up for a booking account below and start booking at non-member rates…