Squash & Squash57 Club Nights

Dear Members,

Playing in the confined space of a squash court is not easy under the rules issued by the sports governing body and the government. That said we have to move ahead and we are now allowed to play albeit with restrictions.

The club has started tennis, padel, squash and racketball club nights and we are doing our utmost to comply with all the necessary requirements.

Squash club night is from 6 – 8pm on Sunday’s and Racketball 5.30 – 7.00pm Fridays.

If you are able to come along then you will see that an enjoyable game can be had despite the need undertake all of the necessary hygiene rules.

We do take the view that we ALL have a personal responsibility to act in accordance with the requirements and we are not acting as strict disciplinarians as the overriding aim is to be safe yet have an enjoyable experience.

Please come along and support these clubnights as we need to build up once again over the coming weeks and months. The weather is now turning autumnal and playing inside is becoming more attractive so lets start getting used to the ‘new’ situation and back to enjoying this energetic and fun game.


Squash Committee