Ralph Samwell

Physical Therapist

Having been resident Hazelwood Sports Therapist for the last 15 years, (25 years in practise, 35 years coaching junior sport, working with elite to recreational; International to University and club sports people) I’ve never felt a need to advertise. I prefer to let my treatments and results do the talking. I’m not going to please everyone nor fix everything but my first priority is to establish the fundamental 3, I’m totally on your side to help you and will always believe you and try to help you find your way out of pain as fast as possible.

What I don’t do

  • I won’t fault you for being in pain nor will I use pain to fix pain.
  • I will not use hands on forces that are potentially damaging
  • I will never not believe you.

“OK, but what do I actually do?”

As a sports physical therapist, I prescribe movement.

Doctoris = to teach. I Work with my patients in an attempt to unscramble the messages coming from their nervous system.

Contact Number: 07957 322 751