Qualified: Performance LTA level 3 licensed coach
Qualified: RPT ‘Mark of a Pro’ qualified coach
Tel: 07917 701 009
Email: leonardmburns@gmail.com

Here at Hazelwood, I run Coach & Play sessions for both beginners and intermediate players. Beginner players quickly learn the game of tennis; being able to serve, rally and score learning through play which is the most enjoyable way to learn. For intermediate players, sessions are structured into, technical, tactical and competitive play. Each quarter we run a round-robin Super tie-break tens event. Everyone partners everyone once and points are awarded for a win, a loss and for every point won. Its great fun. If you want further details or to sign-up for a course, click the button below.

Team Challenge is mini tennis and junior inter-club team-based matches that consist of both doubles and singles. Teams do not exclusively consist of players from the respective clubs but can include non-members and players from other clubs. The doubles fast4 format allows for each player on a team to partner and play with everyone on their team, and singles play is usually 10 point tiebreaks. A points factor means that points are accumulated for every fast4 game won and points won in tiebreaks. At the end of a season, overall winners of the series are announced along with a player’s contributions. If you would like your player to participate then click the sign-up button to register their details and I will be in contact to invite them to a suitable event.

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